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Dalaman Yat Limanı'na izin çıktı
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Dalaman Yat Limanı’na izin çıktı


Dalaman’da İzmir 2 No’lu Kültür ve Tabiat Varlıklarını Koruma Kurulu’nun deniz kaplumbağaları (caretta caretta) üreme bölgesine zarar vereceği gerekçesiyle karşı çıktığı yat limanı ile ilgili kurul kararını, Aydın Bölge İdare Mahkemesi iptal etti.Dalaman Belediye Başkanı Şevket Durmuş, mahkemenin söz konusu bölgede gerekli şartlar sağlanması koşulu ile kurul kararının iptali yönündeki kararını sevinçle karşıladıklarını bildirdi.
       Durmuş, “İlçemiz için bu karar tarihi niteliktedir. İlçemize hayırlı olsun” dedi. Dalaman yat limanı ve Deniz Otobüsü yanaşma yeri ile ilgili işleri üstlenen Doğuş A.Ş.’nin önümüzdeki günlerde çalışmalarını hızlandırmasının beklendiğini de kaydeden Şevket Durmuş, projenin en kısa zamanda bitirilmesine çalışacaklarını kaydetti. 
       Dalaman Yat Limanı ve Deniz Otobüsü Yanaşma İskelesi’nin yapımı, İzmir 2 No’lu Kültür ve Tabiat Varlıkları Koruma Kurulu’nun 6. 11.1998 tarihli kararıyla, deniz kaplumbağaları üreme bölgesi olduğu gerekçesi ile durdurulmuştu. 
       Dalaman Belediye Başkanlığı da ilgili kurul kararının iptali için Aydın Bölge İdare Mahkemesi’ne dava açmıştı. Söz konusu dava üç yıldır sürüyordu.






Dalaman haberleri için Atatürk ilkelerine bağlı, yandaş medyaya yalakalık yapmayacak, delikanlı Dalamanlılar aranıyor.

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In Dalaman Turkey





Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, and bordering the volatile Middle east, Turkey
has an unrivaled history stretching back thousends of years. From the ancient Hittites to
the Ottomans, dozens of civilizations have made Turkey their home, leaving behind them
a dazzling historical and archaeological heritate.

Today the country's archaeological and cultural wonders, and it's long Mediterranean and
Aegean coastline, are a mecca for tourists, attracting millions of Multinational holidayma-
kers each year. Among the top draws is Istanbul with it's fabulous setting, wealth of historic
sights and vibrant cultural life. Also not to be missed are the amazingly well preserved
remains of ancient cities such as Ephesus or Pergamon, and coastral resorts with their
sandy beaches and hedonistic nightlife.

Whereever visitors travel in Turkey they are assured a warm welcome. Turks have a strong
tradition of hospitality and the words 'Hos Geldiniz' which means literally 'Your coming brings
happiness', will ring often in a travelers' ears.

Turkey has enormously diverse scenery, which rolling central plains, soaring mountains, desert
and orchards, white sand beaches and towering sea cliffs. The Hittites, Assyrians, Phoenicians,
Romans, Byzantines, Srlcuks, Ottomans, a number of smaller civilizations and Turkish Republic
have all added intricate layers of architecture, art and culture such as one of the seven wonders
of the world; Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, creating a mosaic as rich as
any of the gilded Byzantine glories. Today, Turkey's thousands of kilometers of magnificent coast,
sunshine and fine food have turned it into a major tourist destination. Much more than that, it is
still fascinating culturally a modern, westernized country.

sarigerme golf course


The branded new Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is a luxury resort; set on a glorious private beach and
nearside of a river, surrounded by palm-speckled gardens, mountains of sarigerme and magnificent bays
around. The new Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is ideally located for guests to enjoy many cultural de-
lights of Sarigerme as well as the natural beauty of the Aegean region of Turkey with the beauty of Turquoise
color of the Aegean sea.



Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is at a mere 15 km from the International Dalaman Airport, and 50 km to
Fethiye and the 'Dead Sea' Ölüdeniz. Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is also only a ten minute walk to the
town of Sarigerme, just 20 km to Turkey's Blue Voyage hub and marina in Göcek and just 20 km away from
the 5000 year old ruins and underwater attractions of Dalyan. 



By Plane

There are seasonally flights from many European and CIS Countries' cities (London, Berlin, Munich, Moscow,
Kiew, Amsterdam, etc) to Dalaman Airport. There are 3 flights per week all winter from United Kingdom. There
are daily frequent flights from Istanbul by Turkish Airlines all year long.

All Charter Airlines fliying to Turkey in Summer (Thomas Cook, First Choice, Thomson, My Travel, British from
EU, Aeroflot, Pan Ukraine, Pulkova, etc. from CIS) and currently once a week in winter. British Airways are to
introduce flights from May 2006 (twice a week). Furthermore Onur Air has introduced winter flights from Gat-
wick and Manchester to Dalaman in winter.   

Many Car Rental agencies have their offices at the airport.

By Boat

Turkey's Blue Voyage hub and Marina in Göcek is 20 km away from the Dalaman Hilton Golf Resort & Spa for
private or rental yachting.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is just 20 km from the 5000 year old ruins and underwater attractions of

The Dalyan town is set on the winding Dalayan River that flows between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake
Köycegiz, and on the other side of the river are the ruins of the ancient city of Caunos, dating back to the
3rd century. A must is a boat trip to the 2,5 mile (4 km) beach (about a 40 minute journey) that transports
visitors through tall reeds, to 2,300 year old Lycian cliff tombs and Caunos.

Iztuzu beach

Iztuzu beach is one of the world's few remainding breeding grounds for Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta)
turtles, an effort has been made to conserve the area's astounding natural beauty.

Fethiye - Ölüdeniz 'dead sea'

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is just 50 km to Fethiye and the Dead sea 'Ölüdeniz' remains one of the
most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. It has a secluded sandy bay at the mouth of Ölüdeniz,
on a blue lagoon. The lagoon, is a national nature reserve and building is strictly prohibited. Ölüdeniz is
famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, and is on official blue flag beach, and is frequently ra-
ted among the top 5 beaches in the world by Travelers and Tourism Journals alike.

The resort is also famous for its Paragliding opportunities. It is regarded as one of the best places in the
world to paraglide due to its unique panoramic views, and the Babadağ Mountain's exceptional height.


Golf - Courses will be opening in fall 2010.

Nature: Large numbers of bird species and Caretta Caretta can be seen at Dalyan, including many species of,
ducks and warblers. The cliffs of Babadağ are good for sea bird watching and Dalyan is one of the best places
for a chance of seeing the Caretta Carettas.

Diving: Ölüdeniz, with its pristine white beaches, clear waters and numerous species of fish, Ölüdeniz offers easy
access to over twenty exellent dive sites with amazing wall and reef dives.

Horse riding: There are many select ranch establishments which is offering opportunities to riding horses,
specialized at beach horse ridings.

Paraglading: Variety of paragliding agencies offers a tandem paragliding fligt over Ölüdeniz is that very special
treat is never forgotten, starting from a mountain 200 meters high and traveling over and a half km, it takes 45
minutes from take off landing.


Dalaman, Fethiye (Ölüdeniz), Dalyan (Kaunos), Göcek, Marmaris, Mugla, Rhodos island.


Set on a glorious private beach and near-side of a river, The new Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa is
ideally located for guests to enjoy many cultural delighs of Sarigerme as well as the natural beauty of the
Aegean region.

With its modern architecture the hotel invites guests choice into its De Luxe rooms, Suites, and Hilton
Guest rooms.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa offers its guests a dazzling gastronomical adventure through its restau-
rants; Alize Mediterranean restaurant, Finesse Fine Dining restaurant and TAO Far East restaurant. Sari-
germe main restaurant addressing a wide selection of choice, A La Turca Turkish restaurant serves with
its diligently chosen Turkish cuisine, Alize Mediterranean restaurant offers the best that Mediterranean
cuisine has to offer, while the Finesse Fine Dining restaurant has what it takes to make guests' night truly
unforgettable and the TAO Far East takes their taste to the far east dining culture with its breeze.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa offers the fresh atmosphere of outdoor clubs, bars in the bar street and
Citrus patisserie; Vela Riverside Club, Glitter Oyster and Champagne bar, Breeze Beach Club & Bar,
Rouge roof bar, PRIVE Outdoor Nightclub, and the affectionate moments for children in Kid's play-land.
Our guests can revive their senses in a spa pool, sauna and stream room. If their choice is swimming they
can choose between seven outdoor and three indoor swimming-pools while they let their children enjoy
the Aqua-park and the special children's pool. Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa have all sorts of activities
for all age groups and interests, including golf (opening in 2010), diving, water sports, tennis, pool and
billiards, beach volleyball and the area for adrenaline sports. 



Guest Rooms

Hilton Dalaman Golf resort & Spa  o ers 405 guest rooms distributed in di erent low level buildings,
where guests will have a balcony with either a view to the big blue sea or to the rolling green hills
that surround the hotel. Furthermore, our suites each feature a Jacuzzi, and you can enjoy the swimming
pools on the terraces of our Grand, Queen and King suites, as well as the massage rooms of our duplex
Spa Suites. The hotel o ers some unique suites and rooms provide all the conveniences to spend a hassle free holiday or business trip.

223      Hilton Guest Rooms  36 40 sq.mt.
• 91  Hilton Deluxe Rooms  34 sq.mt
• 6    Handi Cap Rooms   36 sq.mt
• 26  Hilton Connected  Rooms   40 sq.mt.
• 26  Hilton Family Rooms   40 sq.mt.
• 17  Hilton Junior Suites   67 sq.mt.
• 2  Hilton Suites   95 sq.mt.
• 10 Spa Suites   96 sq.mt.
• 2  Grand Suites   195 sq.mt.
• 1  Hilton Queen Suite   356 sq. mt.
• 1          Presidential  Suite   403 sq. mt.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa - Opening in Summer 2009


Leisure Facilities

The Hilton Dalaman golf Resort & Spa  o ers special conceptional Spa with treatment rooms, indoor
pools with water jets, cascades and jacuzzi, sauna, sensation shower, aqua dome, steam bath and ice
fountain. There are also 2 tennis courts, 2 outdoor pools  one heated  and the nearest golf course is at
Bodrum is  150 km .

Forecasted Business Mix & Geographical Origin

Hilton  Dalaman  Golf  Resort  &  Spa  will  have  a  mixture  between  Leisure  and  Meetings  &
Our high season for transient leisure will be the summer months between June and September .
For  the  golf  travelers,  opening  courses  in  2010  will  be  a  unique  selling  point  comparing  to  our
Our main GOB will be the German, UK and CIS Markets.
Tour operators from Europe such as Rewe, Dertour, Oger, Thomson, Hotels4u.
From Russia and CIS countries such as Pegas, Teztour, Riviera, Odeon etc.
Growing segments will comprise local market   Turkey  and other EU countries.


High Season :
01 June 2009   01 October 2009

Low Season :
01 October   31 May 2010

* The property will be closed between 01 November 2009   31 March 2010

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa - Opening in Summer 2009

SWOT Analysis


• The fact that it will be the first Worldwide resort to be established in Turkey.
• Situated around a magnificent environment   near Dalaman river, Aegean sea, Sarigerme mountains
• Variety of A la carte restaurants and bars.
• 1 km sand beach.
• Recognition of the region as an alternative destination on account of current inaccurate price policies in Antalya region.
• The fact that it is an alternative destination, which is interior market oriented, especially the opportunity of alternative accommodation in Göcek marina region.
• The fact that there are no equivalent competitors of the hotel in the region of Dalaman, Marmaris and Göcek.
• Distance to   10 km   International Dalaman Airport; whereas its closeness to Göcek Marinas, Ölüdeniz and Fethiye.
• Diversity of entertainment and events.
• Appropriateness for winter tourism and especially the fact that it is one of the biggest SPA’s of the region. .
• Geopolitical features of the region.
• Worldwide recognition of historical spots, where it is preferred as a residence  Kayakent, Saklıkent, Patara, Kaunos, Dead Sea, Dalyan .


The fact that general centers, which take place out of the hotel, are undeveloped  social .
• Insu ciency of 5 * and chain  hotel numbers, creates problems  in  terms  of adoption of this region  as a destination  by tour operators and agencies. It becomes di cult to render transfer
and handling services to the region.
• On account of the fact that there is not an available Tourism Master Plan, prepared by the government, tourism cannot be active in the region throughout 12 months.


• PR  public relations value  value to arise on account of the fact that it is the first chain hotel, established in the region.
• New destination for upscale market and new destination for golfers at 2010.
• The opportunity to render service to Golf customers in the region and Golf revenue arising therefrom .
• Niche tourism.


• Lack of a significant environmental project  Sarýgerme
• The fact that tourists are led towards new destinations  Croatia, Dubai, Far East
• Constant tensions in the Middle East .
• Global Financial crisis environment to arise in the year 2009.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa - Opening in Summer 2009


  To meet and outperform the expectations of our guests of our company and Hilton.
• To excellently fulfill our mission as the first and the only Hilton World Wide  Resort in Turkey
• To relentlessly follow our vision to be the number one in the area, even in the whole Mediterranean   Aegean region.
• To execute the ever possible highest quality services and guest satisfaction.
• To excel our competitors in ever y imaginable item of the hospitality business.

Resident Manager Sales & Marketing Coordinator  Director of Marketing

Mr. Alpaslan OZORAL  Mrs. Ulya Marlali  Mr. Can TOPCU

t:+90 252 2868686  t:+90 252 2868686  t:+90 252 2868686

alpaslan.ozoral@hilton.com     ulya.marlali@hilton.com       can.topcu@hilton.com

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa - Opening in Summer 2009


sarigerme golf course


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